Speeches in Parliament Vol. (IV)-184

Mr. Deputy Speaker, we are dealing with that in Assam in Nagaland, in Manipur, in Mizoram etc. We had to do that in your state. I am complimenting your people Mr. Dhandapani.

So, the most important part is how to deal with the secessionist tendencies. These secessionist tendencies will have to be fought by the people and n merely by the Army. It has to be fought at all levels. This Anandpur Resolution is a  great danger single and this India must take note of. I must say however difficult the things were this action which Army took has broken the back terrorism in Punjab. That stands as a fact. But we cannot be compliacent about it. It will have its own reactions also. Therefore, we will have to go very car fully in this matter. Only because you are in Opposition and say that Government does not like that is not the way. This is a national responsibility Controlling terrorism and controlling scessionists is not any party monopoly here. This is the responsibility of every independent Indian in this country whatever they are sitting on this side of the House or on that side of the House.

How are we going to do that? If there are any suggestions, I hope there would be suggestions for this sort of purpose when we are discussing the White Pap The White Paper brings out these two things. There is terrorism not only words but in action also and in a very extensive manner in all parts of Punjabi

Ultimately why were negotiations failing? Oppositions has said it many time - I do not see why they said that nothing has happened. But have they not realised this background of Ananadpur Resolution was the real obstruction in the successful negotiations? They said one thing at one time, another thing at another time and a third thing at a third time. I am of the view that unless there is a unreserved statement what they are no longer sticking to the Anandpur Resolution, the negotiations are not likely to bear fruit.

So, these two things are the real challenge and these two things will have be fought very heroically at peoples level, at Government’s level, at every level. This will have to be done. Unless we do it nothing could be achieved about it. This is all that I have to say.