Speeches in Parliament Vol. (IV)-178

Coming back to this No-Confidence. Motion, I must express one view that the no confidence motion is a very serious business. It is a very important power in the hands of Parliament. It should not be so light heartedly used the way it has been used. Really speaking, the present debate becomes, in a way, last day entertainment of the session. What was the point in bringing forward this No-Confidence Motion? Is there any seriousness about it ? It is out of sheer political frustration that they have brought this Motion because they could not convince the House in the last five or six weeks on every issue that was brought and discussed here. The House decided the other way; the country decided the other way. Now, you have the satisfaction to come here and say ‘get out.’ Can you do that? Are you really serious about it? This is one of the biggest jokes. I know how to move a no confidence motion. It was done during the Janata Party rule. This is a very serious business. Please think about this. What is the purpose of moving a no-confidence motion? Are you in a position to challenge the basic policies of the Government. The economic policies, the foreign policy, internal policies, the external situation, have you anything to challenge in them?

Some Hon. Members : Yes (Interruptions)

Shri Yashwantrao Chavan : I am not yielding. About the internal problems I have told you that the plan process certainly has transformed the situation in India. We will have to take more and more radical positions as we process further. Think about the socialist way of doing things. We can certainly solve the problems. We have yet to go a long way. The journey is long and difficult one. But the most important question that has to be asked today is : whether we are in the right direction or not. We are moving in the right direction. This is the basic thing that we have to take into account.

Taking about the economic or other internal policies, the whole world is besieged with inflationary problems, which has become a global problem. We are living in a world which is certainly convulsing with problems of inflation. The richest countries and the poorest countries are all involved in it. The richest countries can possibly get out of it. We have our own difficulties.

When this Government tried to find a way out of it, then there was a hullabaloo about the IMF Fund. Well, the IMF the World Bank and similar institution are meant for the prosperity of the world. This is one of the new types of contribution, of post-war period. This is something new and important. But I quite agree that we have to be very careful and cautious whenever we approach these bodies.

I quite agree that many times we have to be careful about them. But when there is a necessity for it, merely, talking about self-reliance and also trying to give up whatever help is needed for the development of the country, if we deny ourselves of it, will not be self-reliance but self starvation, which we cannot affort to do. We have to take care of our own sovereignty. This need not be told to us by A, B, or C. This is being done by the party which lead the movement for the freedom and independence of this country. It is quite aware of what is good and what is not good.