Speeches in Parliament Vol. (IV)-182

This country is full of problems. As I said it is full of complex problems and when such problems have to be dealt with, they have to be dealt with very clearly. Some members said that negotiations were delayed. I quite agree that ultimately this question can be solved only through negotiations. I do not deny it...

An Hon. Member : There is no other solution.

Shri Yashwantrao Chavan : In a democratic society there is no other solution. Dialogue will have to be undertaken. But I must tell you also my experience about dialogue with the Akalis. You have your own dialogue, the Oppostion Members have their own dialogue. I have also dealt with some of these problems because the problems of Chandigarh is with us for the last two decades. It is not there now for the first time. The villain of the piece in the matter is the shah Commission. They first of all recommended handling over Chandigarh to Haryana. The Government could not-even look at this decision. I was a member of the Cabinet at that time. Within a couple of minutes a decisions was taken that the Shah Commission’s recommendations should be rejected. But some solution will have to be found out. I know since 1970 when the Prime Minister gave this award, after many hours of long-discussions, it was decided that Chandigarh should go to Punjab. But Haryana People also must get something in return and, therefore, some of the Hindi-speaking areas of Punjab were supposed to be transferred to Harayana. It fell to my lot as Home Minister that I should convey this report to the two Chief Ministers sitting at my residence. One was the Akali Chief Minister and the other was a Congress Chief Minister. When I told them this, they said, ‘Yes.’ We understand your difficulties. We cannot say that it is a very good decision, but we have to accept it because it gives in substance whatever we wanted.’

So, in a way why in a way, for all practical purposes, the decisions of giving Chandigarh to Punjab and hading over Abohar and Fazilka to Haryana was accepted by the Akali Dal. Now it is after 14 years that we find that it is not solved. This happened in 1970. So it is very difficult.

We have said that negotiations is the only way to solve the problem, But negotiations with the Akali’s is very difficult because they are a very difficult commodity ..... (Interruptions.) I think the Opposition also will have the same sort of experience.

One very basic thing will have to be made clear. Negotiations have been made difficult by two things. Negotiations certainly will have be done. But they have been made difficult and in a way, impossible by (1) the existence of terrorists group, and (2) this Anandpur Sahib resolution which ultimately indicates towards secession.