Speeches in Parliament Vol. (IV)-183

Unless these two conditions are controlled and controlled very completely and unless it has given up the idea of Anandpur Sahib and the decision is given up and unless these terrorists groups are completely controlled and eliminated from the Punjab public life, negotiations would not succeed. And unless there is a possibility of the negotiations succeeding, the suggestion that Mr. Dandavate just now made to withdraw the army from here and withdraw the army from there-it will be very difficult for the Government to accept it. Even today people from Punjab who come and talk about it say that some of the people saying ‘Let the army go; we shall deal with you’. (Interruption). This is the position that has come now. So one would have to be very careful about when the army should be withdrawn. Should the army be withdrawn only because some of the Akali people say withdraw the army? The army has not gone for fun’s sake; it has gone to deal with the problems; and deal with it effectively. We have a democratic rule. And army has only a limited role. Its role is to help the civil authority. That is the basic role. And this has to be done not only in Punjab but this had to be done in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra also.

In Hyderabad, it had to be done. Some one said - I think Prof. Dandavate had said it - that often calling the army’s help is very dangerous thing. I do not think so because army is a patriotic instrument of India. It is also a democratic instrument of India. You cannot compare India with any other military dictatorship anywhere in the world. Army has a democratic tradition and by profession they will be very much loyal to our Constitution. I have no doubt about that in my mind. But when it is necessary to call it, we should do that without any hesitation or without any fear. I heard responsible persons in Maharashtra saying that if we had delayed calling the army by one day, things would have been impossible to control for weeks together. I am here talking about the riots.

Shri Indrajit Gupta : Anything wrong with the police.

Shri Yashwantrao Chavan : I agree with you that there is something wrong with the police organisation all over the country - not only in Maharashtra. All over the country, there is something wrong with police orgainsation. Constantly they are in touch with the local people. The local people include intruderes, smugglers, anti-social elements and antisocial people. So, they also have to deal with them. I was speaking about these two conditions which are more important. Politically, we should be very careful. At least I am very clear about this in my mind. So, let as not talk vaguely about it. We are totally very clear that there are terrorists getting arms and killing the people at will. This must be controlled completely. I am very sorry to say this that no responsible Akali leader has come forward to condemn the terrorist. Tell me which Akali leader has come forward to condemn this thing? If they are not prepared to condemn this, how will you control them? They themselves became the prisoners of Bhindranwale. I think they were physically the prisoners of Bhindranwale. And they could not decide anything. They used to have a look at Bhindranwale’s people while expressing a view as to whether they will like it or not. How are you going to control this situation? This will take a long time. This is a process and this process has to be followed very carefully. This country has to be united. I am making an appeal to the Opposition not to support wrong position. It is not only the responsibility of the Government party but it is the responsibility of Indian people. If we are unable to control these two things what also can we do. Ultimately about the decision on Anandpur Sahib Resolution we talk about in different parts of the country. We have to deal with it somehow or other. We have to deal with that democratically.