Speeches in Parliament Vol. (IV)-10

Shri Y B. Chavan : I am sure he has followed argument. We have certainly supported the oil producing countries in this. It is basically a very correct position to take, because this had been the basis of expolitation by the colonialists.

We talk about colonialism. Ultimately what is colonialism? They try to exploit the raw materials of undeveloped countries, and further process them, and it is this processing part that, really speaking, gives the economic strength.

Therefore, the right of a sovereign country to fix the prices of its own raw materials is a very fundamental principle which we must support. But, all the same time, I am quite aware that it has created certain problems which we are, very frankly, discussing with the non-aligned, oil-producing and oil-exporting countries that it is their duty also to keep the solidarity of the non-aligned world, that they must see that they too try to co-operate with the developing countries in order that these countries are not ultimately affected.

Our basic position in international affairs is - and I should say that that is the major plank of our foreign policy - to build our friendship on very strong foundations as far as our neighbouring countries are concerned. Therefore, you will permit me to go country by country because this is important.... (Interruptions). that is the major plank of our policy in the neighbouring countries in which I include the Gulf countries, the South-East Asian countries and also the countries in the North. I know the hon. Member over there has sent me a chit. He wants to ask me a question. But before he asks the question, I will try to answer it and I am sure I will not be able to convince him...