Speeches in Parliament Vol. (IV)-12

.... What is the way one has to look? I know there are certain more hurdles in the way. I do not think it is very easy. Some of the things cannot be merely wished away. Wishful thinking is not going to be helpful to anybody. We should better see the significance and the force behind what really speaking took place there. Well, afterwards, Pakistan has taken a zig-zag attitude, to use their own words. I do not want to go over the details of what we did in case of trade, communication agreements, etc. Certainly Pakistan has to accept this position that it has to build up good relations with India and efforts have been made, but there are certain inherent attitudes in Pakistan which have to be cured by their own efforts. Possibly we have to help them to cure it, and possibly history will also cure it. The first difficult position that they took was immediately after May 1974 when India exploded a nuclear device. They tried to misinterpret India and carried on propaganda against India all over the world, but, without much impact. A large number of countries have accepted the bonafides of India in its affirmation that this nuclear explosion was made for peaceful purposes. Even USA accpeted this position. So, their attempts did not make much impact on world opinion.

Then, the most important step that we have taken in the last few months is the agreement with Sheikh Abdullah about Kashmir. Shri Bhutto tried to make capital out of it and started campaigning against that. But I do not think he has made any impact. But he has certainly tried to create difficulties in this process of normalisation. We have made it clear to him that this agreement with Sheikh Abdullah is an internal matter of India. Kashmir is an integral part of India and the understanding with Sheikh Abdullah is certainly going to help normalisation of relations with Pakistan. I hope that Shri Bhutto will see the wisdom in this regard and continue this process. We are expecting their Foreign Secretary to come here and discuss further the question of civil aviation, over-flight etc. and this process will continue.

Shri Samar Guha : The earth under the feet is already gone, now you are trying to build up the aerial nexus with Pakistan.